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CPIM Questions.

The questions

Question Answer
How does MRP II relate to MRP?MRP pioneered the creation of MRP II.
Which of the following choices represents a limitation of MRP II?It lacks a process to make sure that decisions are made. For this reason, S&OP was introduced.
When did firms in the United States begin using customer demand forecasting?During the marketing orientation era. This period, beginning in the late 1950s, marks the inception of customer demand forecasting.
What is the forecast for a simple moving average of three periods that have these past five periods of historical data (12, 10, 5, 10, 6; with 12 being the most recent period)? 10) 12) 11) 9)A forecast of 12 only gives you a forecast based on the most recent period of demand rather than on the last three periods. The correct answer is: 9


Question Answer
What is the correct description of bias forecast errors? Random errors) Consistent errors) Overforecast errors) Errors because of incorrect assumptions)Consistent errors
How long is the time horizon for a production plan? One year) 1-3 years) it varies) it equals manufacturing time fences)A production plan has a greater time horizon than a production plan. The correct answer is: One to three years
What technique is used to forecast customer demand for products that have many possible configurations? Options planning) ATP) Consuming the forecast) scheduled receipts)Scheduled receipts are confirmed future deliveries from manufacturing or suppliers. They do not pertain to forecasting customer demand. The correct answer is: Options planning
Which of the following MRP reports identifies which orders need to be released in the next three days?Fallout reports identify MRP processing errors. The correct answer is: Order action reports.