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Below are ideas for new features. See Ideas for Pages for ideas about things to memorize.


The ideas...

Discussion Forums

A place where users can collaborate, discuss page content, suggest features, and more.

Make sure flashcard and matching modes filter out duplicates

I often make groups of tables. Some contain easy items, some contain harder items. Some of the tables contain the same entries. When you go to merge all the tables, there will be duplicates (ones with the same left column and the same right column). It would be good to have the site automatically filter out these duplicates when tables get merged.

Fill in the blank

Automate cloze deletion (fill in the blank) using a syntax like "There are ^12^ items in a dozen".


When you render the table, it would make it look like this:


Question Answer
There are _____ items in a dozen. 12


Possible additional feature
If a line has more than one word marked
(ie "There are ^12^ items in a ^dozen^")
it could randomize which one is replaced with a blank

More than 2 columns in tables - suggestion

With the ability to have multiple columns in each table, various controls to keep one in the table constant or hidden when checked. Example:

Jazz Theory

Then, check one column as constant, one as Question, one as Answer, and one as hidden


Keyscale degreeKeys playedName of Chord
C(kept as constant)viA Minor 7th
CviiB Half-Diminished 7th


This way, it is possible to get many different types of tests on one wiki post, instead of tediously remaking similar tests. One question often has multiple answers.


Another way it could be used:




In this example, Language would be checked as a constant - Spanish
This will filter out answers to those wanted.


SpanishSpain Madrid
SpanishMexicoMexico City


Another way to do this would maybe be to have the Question and Answer Headings in each column to have a pull down menu to select something. One could click Answer and pull down 'by keys' or 'by name', etc.


Also, adding pictures would be a nice feature and useful for diagrams and stuff like that

Allow a list to be one big picture or map with many arrows pointing to parts of it

Good for anatomy classes where you have to memorize body parts.
Good for geography classes where you have to name rivers, cities, mountains, etc.
Good for history classes like for Civil War battle sites or for naming Native American tribes that live(d) in certain regions of the U.S. or for putting a date on each state as it joined the U.S.
The lists would need to contain columns for coordinates and labels.

Let audio or video links be items in a table

one column could be the name of a composer, the other column could be a few seconds of his/her music.
one column could be a bird species name, the other column could be the call the bird makes.
one column could be the name of a dance move, the other column could be a few seconds of video of the dance move.
one column could be a Chinese character or pin-yin, and the other column could be audio for how it is pronounced.
one column could be a Russian character, and the other column could be audio for how it is pronounced.


Allow wiki linking inside flashcards. The motivation for this is allowing flashcard sets to be related in more complected ways, such as a hierarchy.


Organism classification - Kingdom, Phylum, Order, ...


Use the power of linking to bring flashcards new life.


When possible, list helpful mnemonics with each chart.
Sites like list many.
It would be good to sprinkle some of these mnemonics throughout the site.